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By Derek On October 11, 2011 Under Stock Broking 101

Conversation is an exercise of the mind; gossip is merely an exercise of the tongue.

So they say and I thought it would be interesting, maybe even a little enlightening, to interview the various cast of characters currently active on the Asian financial scene. The business itself is interesting enough and it tends to attract interesting people. My aim here is to give some of them a platform to talk about themselves and their careers. I hope this will give you a taste of not only how to “break in to finance” but also, what it is like working in the industry.

You can learn a lot by listening. I have found out (usually to my cost) that the more I talk the less I learn. With “Conversations,” I am trying to speak to people in different areas of the business, all of whom have years of experience. Take them as your mentors. Some you will like others you may not but I think all of them have interesting stories and viewpoints from which you should get a take away message, or at least something to think about. Here is what we have so far:

Episode 1: John Wadle is an entertaining senior analyst. During our talk, he explains what an analyst does and a bit of his 20 year history of covering Asian banks (a record rarely matched).

Episode 2: Roxy Wong is a senior tech analyst who has a “Double E” degree from the UK. He is unique in having worked in industry, the buy side AND the sell side.

Episode 3: Bill Belchere is a senior economist with decades of experience. He talks about how to become an economist and a bit of his long and colorful history.

Episode 4: Alan “The A-Train” Chen always lives large and is currently in a senior management role heading up the securities effort of one of Japan’s largest banks. Hear his views on life and what makes a great broker.

I am also trying to get these podcasts up on iTunes and other podcatchers but am having technical problems. It is very frustrating but eventually I will figure it out. Until then, you can listen to these interviews by clicking on the link under the headline “Conversations.” There is more to come, so keep checking the blog, or subscribe to the non-intrusive email system at the top. Cheers.

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