“Rasputin” and “Broken Arrow”

By Derek On November 29, 2011 Under Post

Somewhere in Russia – Now That’s a Party!

We have two new interviews up which are worth listening to: “Rasputin,” and Joe Hancock. “Rasputin” is a hilarious and colorful figure who wants to protect his privacy after growing up in Soviet Russia and becoming head of the local Communist Youth League. Ditching communism and the Party for the bright lights of Wall Street, he is now active in finance here in the dark beating heart of capitalism, Hong Kong. Joe is head of Mirae sales trading and talks about how he earns his crust and throws in a nice tattoo story for good measure as well. Who was that client?   

Click on the links under “Conversations,” or listen and subscribe via the iTunes button.

And More from “Broken Arrow:”

Riley Hale:         You’re out of your mind.
Vic Deakins:
      Yeah. Ain’t it cool?
Riley Hale:         I’m serious, Deak, your mind has taken a walk off the map.
Vic Deakins:      Maybe. But I’m still gonna kick your ass.

Since last week’s post from our anonymous hero, “Broken Arrow,” people have been trying to find out who this guy is. I can’t tell you but he sent me some more of his dangerous views on markets. See below:

“If you want I can do a tirade under a different alias against the FED, EFSF, IMF, ECB, PPT, SIV, and all the other crap and rumors that the banksters are going to try and use to bail out their bond and equity positions in time for the bonuses, before they crash back – to be paid for by the poor taxpayers around the globe. 

[On the IMF rumor surrounding Italy] Nowadays, you don’t even have to do anything to support the market, just spread an “extend and pretend” rumor above 500 billion, although a trillion or more is better. 500 billion only buys a half-day rally these days…..inflation!!


I’m still only short, just afraid that the incantation and hocus pocus fools the idiots in the short run. Still my shorts are all in the money and I have closed some out, but really am tempted to ride it down. I couldn’t agree with you more about the coming disaster. But if the fools decide to print a few trillion more of phony money, it could damage my shorts. You are right about the gold, unless Germany really holds the line on the print fest, which might actually lead to deflation. [But] the markets think that they are bluffing and will turn on the presses any moment now.”

Good times.


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