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Tom Cruise Will Save Us

By Derek On November 21, 2011

From: Derek Hillen
Sent: November 17, 2011 11:25 AM

To: Derek Hillen
Subject: Tom Cruise Will Save Us

“I love kids. I was a kid myself, once.”Tom Cruise

The news from the Western Front continues to be grim and annoying in its persistence. I noticed amongst all the headlines that the head of the IMF’s European department just quit after one year in the role. You would think this a pretty important job but Antonio Borges apparently had more pressing things to do. It turns out like the new head of the ECB, Mario Draghi, Borges is also a former vice chairman at Goldman Sachs International (current chairman: Hank Paulson). Otmar Issing, former member of the Bundesbank also worked for the big squid. A little more digging reveals that the tentacles of this secret fraternal organization also reach to and include Mario Monti, the newly minted Prime Minister of Italy.

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Road Warriors

By Derek On November 17, 2011

I have done countless cross-country marketing trips in the US as a salesman, shepherding analysts from one client meeting to another. In New York and Boston we might do six to eight meetings a day. The analyst will have prepared a spiral bound PowerPoint presentation that he gives to the client at the beginning of every meeting and will proceed to drone on, walking the client through each painful page. At least, after the tenth meeting it starts to feel that way and sometimes you have to endure this for two weeks or more on a long road show. You may think it is also boring for the analyst and you are right, somewhat. At least he or she gets to talk and answer questions. As the salesperson, your job is to sit quietly in the meeting and let the analyst do his dog and pony show. You only pipe

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Watching Godzilla Backwards

By Derek On November 15, 2011

From: Derek Hillen
Sent: November 15, 2011 11:05 AM

To: Derek Hillen
Subject: Watching Godzilla Backwards

Juliet calls out to Romeo, despondent about his family name, the sworn enemy of hers:

‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy…What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet;”

News today that China’s ambitious goal of completing 10 mn units of “social housing” by the end of the year is not going to happen, hardly surprises. Just last month China was firmly “on track” to reach that number and now, a few weeks later, up to one third of the 10 mn future hovels are “just holes in the ground.” if that.” What happened? It all comes down to your definition of the words, “construction starts.” With real estate construction accounting for over 10% of GDP and a major consumer of steel

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