Moving to the US!

By Derek On May 11, 2012 Under Post

What do Chongqing, Reykjavik and Mombasa have in common? They are all sister cities of Seattle – and that is where I am moving with my family tomorrow morning.

We have been in Hong Kong for six years and with two small children feel now is the time to go back to the US. I have been doggedly broking the Asian story since 1993 and I felt it might be time for me to try something different. However, instead of resurrecting my pole dancing career, Mirae has kindly offered to keep me on to be based in Seattle. From September I will be publishing on a regular basis an investment product exclusive to Mirae, which will be distributed to Mirae’s global client base. Please watch for it.

Before that, after moving in to our new home we will be busy doing exciting things like buying towels and a vacuum cleaner. I will also try to remember how to mow a lawn and maybe attempt lighting a barbeque without burning off my eyebrows.

I want to thank everyone for their friendship and support and I look forward to re-emerging a few months from now.

Until I get my US work email up and running I can be reached on my website:

Many thanks again.



The above is a note I sent to clients today. We are moving and I want to stay in touch with everyone while we get set up in our new digs. I will be publishing on a regular basis from September.


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  1. patrick miller
    May 26, 2012
    2:18 am #comment-1

    welcome back big D…coming to the east coast at all?

    • Derek
      June 20, 2012
      7:24 am #comment-2

      Hey thanks. How are things? Have been flat our here trying to fill an empty house with “stuff.”

      I just started studying for my Series 7 again since mine lapsed. Fun.


  2. Julie Driver
    July 24, 2012
    6:57 am #comment-3

    It’s embarrassing, but I’ll admit to actually squealing when I saw the headline. Welcome back! When are you going to send the wife out to DC for a visit???

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