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Early Daze: Part VI

By Derek On April 20, 2012 No Comments

Jacob and I were having drinks with Willy after work at TGIFriday’s on a Friday. Yes, it was pathetic but that was the only new place in town and for some reason Willy wasn’t a fan of warm Taiwan Beer in a dirty glass. Carlsberg was on offer and like bees to honey we found ourselves hovering around that bar frequently.

“I don’t know how you chaps do it but Taiwan is definitely a difficult nut to crack. It’s hardly a maiden’s prayer.” said Willy.

I wasn’t sure what that meant.

“Yeah, I think it helps if you’re single,” I ventured.

“I’m not single. I love it,” opined young Jacob.

“Jacob, you’re marrying a local so you are all set up. Willy comes here with his wife, neither of them speak Mandarin and it isn’t easy settling in. How long has it been now, Willy three months?”



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Early Daze: Part V

By Derek On April 18, 2012 No Comments

We returned to Taiwan from our trip to Hong Kong with more client contacts and renewed confidence in our business prospects. There was a lot of interest in theTaiwan market among the client base but not a lot of knowledge. I saw that if I could up my game we would be operating in a target rich environment.

While we were gone, Carey had disappeared. Nobody had seen him for a full week. He was supposed to be in Taipei and at work but Carey found Taiwan even less livable than Willy. At least Willy had his wife here whereas Carey left his entire family behind in Scotland. The separation and the everyday language barrier – hardly anyone spoke English in Taipei those days – fed his morose nature and Carey began slipping into a deeper and deeper funk.

Economist Beats Up Taxi Driver

He re-appeared a

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Early Daze: Part IV

By Derek On April 12, 2012 1 Comment

My phone rang. I went into Daniel’s office and sat in the chair opposite his big desk.

“Ah, Derek.”

“Good morning, Daniel. How are things?”

“How do you wash your hands?”

“I use soap.”

By now I knew resistance was useless.

“Many people use soap. But just using soap isn’t enough.”

“Yes, I see.”

I started staring at my nails again.

The next week we got news that Yung Kao was going to do a Taiwan joint venture with Peregrine Securities in Hong Kong. Peregrine at the time was Asia’s most successful homegrown investment bank. They were opening offices right across the region and doing deals everywhere. They had a “can do” attitude, were in all the hot deals and everyone wanted to work there. This was seriously good news. I couldn’t wait for it to happen so I could call clients and say, “This is Derek, from Peregrine, Taiwan,” rather than “Yung

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