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Road Warriors

By Derek On November 17, 2011 No Comments

I have done countless cross-country marketing trips in the US as a salesman, shepherding analysts from one client meeting to another. In New York and Boston we might do six to eight meetings a day. The analyst will have prepared a spiral bound PowerPoint presentation that he gives to the client at the beginning of every meeting and will proceed to drone on, walking the client through each painful page. At least, after the tenth meeting it starts to feel that way and sometimes you have to endure this for two weeks or more on a long road show. You may think it is also boring for the analyst and you are right, somewhat. At least he or she gets to talk and answer questions. As the salesperson, your job is to sit quietly in the meeting and let the analyst do his dog and pony show. You only pipe

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Thank God it’s Thursday!

By Derek On October 31, 2011 4 Comments

A number of years ago, I was visiting Taiwan for a week with a good client of mine, Steve from Canada and he wanted to spend the weekend there to “look around outside of Taipei.” We decided we would take a train to Hualien on the east coast which is known for a stunningly beautiful gorge always cloaked in mysterious mist. Through the gorge is a narrow winding road that the Japanese built during their pre-WWII occupation of the island using Chinese labor and teaspoons. It is an engineering marvel. All good. So we bought our tickets, half a case of beer and boarded our train. The trip there was beautiful and importantly, lasted long enough for us to finish most of beer. When we arrived at our sleepy destination we were feeling well toasted and happy in the late afternoon. After checking into the hotel it was time to

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By Derek On October 26, 2011 No Comments

Update: Early feedback indicates that “Stories” as the title of this new section blows and I should change it. Henceforth, we will call it “Failed Trades.”

I am adding a new section to the website today called “Stories,” for lack of a better word. In finance where there is a lot of money, a lot of travel and a lot of personalities, there are naturally a lot of stories. Some are good, some bad and some are just in bad taste. I like all of them and will try to post those I remember and come across.

Note: These are not stories that necessarily happened to me. In fact, none of the three I am posting now had anything to do with me – I swear!  They are just tales of misadventure from the recent past that I have heard from friends in the business. I hope to post more with names always changed to protect

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