Blog Update, or What am I Doing?

By Derek On October 1, 2011 Under Uncategorized

What am I Doing Here?

I have started to get a lot of the information I wanted up on this blog. I am explaining this now because since my blog went live last week, colleagues, friends and clients have all asked me the same question: what am I doing?

The Reason

Having worked in markets on and off (and I believe off is better) for 18 years, I have had the occasion to train a lot of people who were new to the business. This was true at UBS and CLSA and now at Mirae, my current employer. I have noticed that newbies all seem to share the same misconceptions, bad habits and wide-eyed questions. Having just put two new green salesmen, Daniel H. and Jeff T. through my rigorous training program, they are now on the phones bringing in millions. Of laughs. But they are getting better fast and talking to clients and opening accounts. So, I thought why not take some of this stuff and throw it up on a blog for anyone to peruse, use and abuse? This is my effort to do so. If it is useful, let me know. If it is a pile of steaming horsepucky, let me know too.

The Podcast, or “Conversations”

I have just started the podcast. A podcast is an mp3 audio file of people talking about any subject you can think of. University courses can be found on podcasts. The BBC and NatGeo both have informative podcasts. One of my favorite podcasts is, improbably, “The History of Rome,” by Mike Duncan. You can download podcasts on to your iPod or smart phone and listen to them during your commute, or plug it in to the car stereo as you drive. You can also just click the link under “Conversations” on this blog and it will open a window on your computer so you can listen to it then. So, along with the stuff about how to be a stockbroker that I wrote in Posts and Articles, I decided I would interview our cozy broking community. Think of this as one part instruction and one part social anthology. I work with a lot of weird people. And smart people and good people too, it must be said. I hope to get a good sampling of those of us active in finance in Asia at this moment in time. The mp3 files are digital and on the internet. This means they will last forever. Ten or twenty years from now it will be a hoot to hear people talk about their current lives and jobs and opinions. The value of this, I believe, will only increase in time.

The Good Books

It is also my firm belief that to get educated you must read. This is especially true in global finance. The books I review and put up on the blog are ones I have read at least once. I have found these books to be the building blocks of my weak grasp of markets and of how the business works. They have been constant companions and guides in a challenging and competitive environment. All of them are also a fun read.

Broker Notes

All sales people in finance send a daily note encapsulating news and research ideas to clients. The more diligent brokers actually achieve this feat daily. Me, well, it comes out about twice a week. After a few years you develop your own style and mine, true to form, has kind of wandered off the track a bit. I like it that way but it may not be for everyone. It certainly isn’t what most brokers write so don’t take these as a good example of broker dailies, please! For compliance reasons I will not be attaching any research to these notes. To start, I will put up a few from the recent past and then I will add my broker “dailies” as I write them. I hope it gives you a flavor of how I broke stories and which stories have occupied that small space between my ears as I ramble on through my stockbroking career.


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