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My Other Girlfriend

By Derek On October 17, 2012

Emerging Markets Illustrated

OK, I’m sorry I haven’t called or written. It’s not that I don’t love you, I do. But I have been involved with this incredible new site that has been taking up all my time and somewhat limited creative abilities. This new website is more central to what I am doing right now – writing a weekly investment letter for clients called, “Emerging Markets Illustrated.

EMI” to its friends, is a look at news, events and research that I find interesting or just ridiculous and worth commenting on. The focus for now will be on Asia but hopefully we can branch it out a bit in the fullness of time to include global emerging markets in some capacity.

I will keep Stockbroking101 up and running and may add some things now and then. Feedback continues to be

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Yellowstone National Park: My Asian Fantasy

By Derek On July 3, 2012

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca


When the seasons change it seems all countries have their unique quirks and customs to mark the passage of time. In Japan, the arrival of spring means the blooming of cherry blossoms, which is reason enough to get the office together and sit under a tree all night getting sloshed on sake, sing loudly and maybe paw the new OLs. Next door in China, the mid-autumn is welcomed with the faint hope that the moon this time will be bright enough to force enough light through the smog and under its feeble glow people will be able to enjoy their moon cakes – which, by the way, are definitely an acquired taste. (I’d rather scarf down a dirty diaper myself). And America, where we have just relocated to, is no different. During the summer it is a

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Moving to the US!

By Derek On May 11, 2012

What do Chongqing, Reykjavik and Mombasa have in common? They are all sister cities of Seattle – and that is where I am moving with my family tomorrow morning.

We have been in Hong Kong for six years and with two small children feel now is the time to go back to the US. I have been doggedly broking the Asian story since 1993 and I felt it might be time for me to try something different. However, instead of resurrecting my pole dancing career, Mirae has kindly offered to keep me on to be based in Seattle. From September I will be publishing on a regular basis an investment product exclusive to Mirae, which will be distributed to Mirae’s global client base. Please watch for it.

Before that, after moving in to our new home we will be busy doing exciting things like buying towels

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